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How to Protect Your Rights in Practice and Expand Your Scope, While Keeping More Money in Your Pocket

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The Simple Truth Is:

Your rights are being threatened and it’s time to do something about it!

On today’s webinar I’m going to show you a unique business structure that protects your own health freedom plus protects your rights to continue seeing patients and earning a living. You can continue to operate your business the way you see fit, insulated from government mandates, restrictions and closures.

This Webinar is for all Healthcare Providers

This webinar is for you if you’re a: 
  • Chiropractor 
  • Acupuncturist
  • Naturopathic Doctor 
  • ​Functional Medicine Specialist
  • ​Nutritionist
  • ​Homeopath 
  • ​Medical Doctor in private practice
If you’re a healthcare provider that is restricted by local public health ordinances, limited by state licensing rules and regulations, or if you're in a state that doesn't provide licensing, then this webinar is for you!

Protect the Investment of Time, Energy, and Money it took you to earn your Degree

Whether you’ve been in practice for over 20 years or just getting started, if you’re worried by the talk about government mandates and restrictions and how they may prevent you from renewing your license or keep your practice open during the next surge or outbreak, then I’m confident the information in this webinar will bring you peace of mind.

In this Free, 35 Minute Webinar, 
I’m going to share 3 Secrets that have the 
Power to Protect Your Rights in Practice.


A Constitutionally Protected business structure that protects your health freedom and removes restrictions on your scope of practice.


The 2 biggest benefits of 
Private Health Associations that LLC's and S-Corps don't provide.


3 Ways Private Health Associations can put MORE MONEY in your pocket

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What if…

You were able to set up your business in a way that insulates you from whichever way the political wind blows, changing your State Board requirements, restricting your scope of practice because of professional licensing regulations or federal mandates?

What would it feel like...

To know that your practice was set up properly so that any “Breaking News Story” didn’t affect your ability to keep your business open and running, seeing patients and earning revenue?

About the Presenter

Dr. Jay Warren has been a prenatal and pediatric Chiropractor for over 20 years in San Diego, CA. When mandates and license restrictions in his state threatened his health freedoms and rights in practice, he formed a Private Health Association (PHA) to protect his rights to continue to serve his community in the way he was trained and believes is best. 

In addition to running his Chiropractic practice as a PHA, Dr. Jay is now a certified PMA Advisor helping other healthcare providers understand and establish their own PMA’s while quickly and seamlessly transitioning their own practice into this protective structure.

Check out some of the really powerful stories below from people who just a few months or a few years ago were exactly where you are now…

Client Success Stories

Transitioning to a PMA has allowed me to practice with more confidence, knowing I can honor my practice members fundamental rights with medical freedom and autonomy. It’s allowed me to create an incredible community of practice members that are empowered and able to have their choices respected, which I believe is a fundamental right in healthcare.

-Dr. Marcia Schaefer

“I had been practicing for years in an area that became very strict about mask requirements, social distancing and forced closures from the very start of the pandemic and decided not to comply with these mandates. I was committed to remaining true to my own principles and providing a space for my patients to receive the care they wanted and needed. I had Sheriff's officers come into my office with Cease and Desist Orders, I was deposed by the local DA about my operations and the State Chiropractic Board got involved as well. I was getting into a lot of trouble for keeping my practice open and not complying with the COVID restrictions until I set up a PHA and transitioned my practice into the private domain.

The next time officers showed up I told them I was now functioning as a Private Health Association, that I was seeing my members privately in a PHA and presented the proper paperwork to them… and they went away!

This occurred in May of 2021 and since that day, I have not had any further issues.”

-Dr. Zach Alme, Chiropractor

I cannot thank Dr. Jay enough for taking the time to speak with me regarding my PMA. I felt more confidence in my choice and he was very informative.

-Dr. Angie Pufahl

The purpose of the Private Healthcare Association (PHA) is to ensure that business activities are no longer governed by public law and remain a private contractual matter between the members and the association.

The law says "no state can pass any law that impairs the obligation of contract". The PHA’s are founded upon the principle that we have an unalienable right to associate. The Supreme Court has always held that the right to associate is synonymous with the right to assemble.

An association is simply a group of men and women collectively exercising their right to associate in private.

I have trained Dr. Jay Warren as a Certified PHA Power Advisor and have every confidence in his abilities to help healthcare providers protect their rights in practice.

-David Edwards

YES, I want to protect my health freedom and rights in practice!

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